March 24, 2016

When proceeding on your journey, it is always important to look back and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Be proud of yourself! Tell others about how you felt through your journey, but also make sure to listen to how others felt during theirs. It is always important to keep an open mind and listen to what other people have to share. It is a wonderful feeling when you can be open with others about your ideas/emotions and not feel judged. Support others and they’ll give the support right back.

I had the realization that my best might not be good enough for others. I am beyond proud with the changes I’ve made in my life, yet there are people that view my progress as competition towards their own. There seems to be a battle where someone will compare their accomplishments with those of other people. The big picture is that we should all be supportive of everyone’s achievements, without comparing them to our own.

We can all be there for one another. For example, what are people trying to prove by making me feel like I’m behind on my life journey, or by telling me that they’ve been more successful with their mental health than I’ve been? The best thing I can do is look at these people and congratulate them. If they feel the need to redirect the topic onto themselves and yearn for constant praise to feel good about their personal improvements, I will give it to them. Even if that person does try to diminish all the progress I’ve also made, I can’t ignore the fact that they might need a little encouragement to help them proceed on their journey. My advice on handling this is to make sure that you become selective of who you share your accomplishments with. You do not want to end up feeling let down when they can’t take a second and celebrate these exciting moments with you.

We are all our own people. We all have our different challenges and issues. We all look forward to different outcomes in life. We all view moments in different ways. So with all these different perspectives, why compare? You can’t compare your goals and achievements with someone who isn’t you.

I try to remind myself of this constantly because there are people that try to tell me that my decisions or motives aren’t the right ones for me. This is hard because these people want what’s best for me, but also want to do whats best for themselves. I’m always extremely appreciative of the ones that have always been there for me. The majority of the people in my life help me make the decisions that I would have chosen for myself. But there always seems to be that person that takes my vulnerability for granted. This is when I feel like my gratitude and support isn’t enough for others. It feels as if all my progress is weakened and viewed as insignificant. These feelings only happen once in a while, but when it does happen, it really affects me.

After analyzing these emotions, I’ve had a clearer perspective towards handling problems like this. When others underestimate the power I have towards creating a better life for myself, I just smile and thank them. Negative attitude towards my accomplishments is not what I need to keep moving forward. Then hopefully the people that looked down on my venture will notice that I didn’t need their judgements to succeed. So do all the things that make you happy, and allow the people that have your best interest be the ones to help you on your journey, but don’t let the ones that try to tear you down cause you to rethink all your progress.

-Caroline Abigail

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Just a 22-year-old sharing her thoughts and feelings towards life, school, love, and positivity!

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