April 28, 2016

In just one week, I’ll be finished with my Sophomore year of college. The past two years of college have flown by. Moving on to greater opportunities was a huge turning point for me. The decisions I’ve made in the past few months have shown me what growing up is all about. This fall, I get to live in an apartment with two of my best friends. I successfully switched my major. I got hired to work for a company that I’m eager to be a part of. Everything is really looking up. Even with finals week coming up, I can look back and be proud of all that I have accomplished this past semester.

I decided I wanted to share some tips to help get you through finals week;

  1. Take a deep breath!
  2. Remind yourself that this stress is only temporary
  3. Make a schedule of things that you need to get done
  4. Organize all of your study materials
  5. Form a study group
  6. Change your study location once in a while, instead of sitting in your common room all day
  7. Take a break, walk away from your work, get a coffee or treat yourself to a nice meal
  8. Reach out to friends and do activities to break up the studying
  9. Put on your favorite playlist, close your eyes, and clear your head
  10. Take a break from social media while studying (this is the hardest one for me)
  11. Make sure you eat well (don’t eat microwavable mac n cheese for every meal)
  12. Call your parents/siblings/other family members or friends and catch up
  13. Go to bed early and make sure you’re getting enough sleep
It is really important to remember that these finals are just a grade. Try your best and that’s all you can do. Study hard and test yourself with practice exams. If you end up not getting the grade you wanted, thats okay. If you have to retake the class, that’s okay too. It isn’t the end of the world. Finals can be overwhelming, but there’s only so much you can do. One grade is not going to change your whole life. It might cause a delay in finishing a course, but now you can retake the course already knowing majority of the material. This grade will not matter 10 years down the road if you keep up with doing what you need to do. Keep your head up high, try your hardest, and walk away from that exam with confidence. The best part of taking final exams is knowing that you get to go back home after the hardest week of the year. That’s the biggest motivator for me, and also the biggest reward.
Good luck with your finals!
It will all be okay!
Believe in yourself.
-Caroline Abigail

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Just a 22-year-old sharing her thoughts and feelings towards life, school, love, and positivity!

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