June 30, 2016

Through all my ups and downs, my dog Emmett has always there for me. He had this way of making you laugh by rapidly wagging his tail and moving his eyebrows to display his excitement. He never failed to make anyone smile. 

Emmett passed away today and I’m thankful he and I were there for each other.

Our goofy, loving Emmett has been in our family for about 15 years. Way back then, after months of begging my parents for a dog, they said yes and we finally went to the shelter. As we walked through the door, there was a dog bouncing around in his cage that immediately caught our attention. His Corgi shaped ears and Bassett Hound body were just the start of the list of all the things we love about him. That was the day we adopted Emmett and took him home.

Emmett brought so much joy into our lives that day and continued to make us smile for all the years after that. He was there for so many significant moments in our lives, but of course I wish he could be here for many more. Emmett was the perfect dog for us. He was my favorite part of home, but all the memories we have will remind us of the amazing dog that came into our lives back in 2001.

We love you Emmett.

Thanks for being our best friend.

– Caroline Abigail

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Just a 22-year-old sharing her thoughts and feelings towards life, school, love, and positivity!

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