31 Days of Blogging : Day 20

Day 20 of 31 : A Difficult Time

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There have been many moments in my life that were hard to work through. The one time that was unique in its difficulty was when my boyfriend and I broke up. Our relationship is something that will stick with my forever. He was my best friend and biggest supporter. We were in love. Just like any relationship, we had a few fights here and there. We had broken up more than a few times and it was always abrupt and impulsive. We would break up for a few months and then talk out the issues. This was not healthy for either one of us, but we were so caught up in our fondness of how in love we were with one another.

The final time we ended our relationship¬†was the worst of all. That moment was full of anger and disappointment, I’ll never forget it. Moving on from that day was mentally draining. I was constantly replaying it all in my head thinking of any ways that it could have gone differently. This was a sadness/anger that I thought would never go away. I¬†actively told myself that this was what was best for me. It took me a few months to realize I was going to be fine on my own.

Everyone’s relationships are different and so are the breakups. I learned that no matter how long you were with the other person, you will find your individual happiness again. You can be independent when you’re in a relationship, but once its over, it’s a feeling like no other. As bad as it might seem, a few months filled with support and positivity will get you back to feeling yourself again.

Thanks for reading.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail


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Just a 22-year-old sharing her thoughts and feelings towards life, school, love, and positivity!

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