Wedding Guest Style Guide!

Wedding season is here! September through October is one of the most popular times for weddings. Sometimes figuring out what to wear can be hard, but thanks to The Black Tux, here’s an awesome style guide on what to wear to any category of wedding you could attend. I also provided some tips on how to approach your wedding attire!


First, you’ll need to determine the dress code… Is it formal or casual? Beach or black tie? This is essential to know before picking out your outfit. Make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable. You don’t want to sit through the wedding (or the dancing) in something you don’t feel good in.

Next, check the weather of the wedding location. Knowing the average temperature in the location you’re going to will help out a lot. If it tends to be on the colder side, wear layers. If it warmer, try to wear something light but also appropriate for the occasion. Plan on how you can style your hair based on the weather, so you’re not worried about it the day of! Also, is the venue inside or outside? If it’s inside then there could be air conditioning, and if it’s outside, plan on a possible weather change; rain or intense heat. Will your heels sink into the grass? The proper footwear can be chosen based on the location too!

Third, plan for the duration of the trip. A wedding can be one day, one weekend, or an entire week trip. Bring extra shoes and outfits for other possibly dressy nights out with the bride and groom. Wear comfortable clothes to travel in, too

Fourth step is accessorizing with your date. Coordinate the colors of your outfits with one another. Make sure you and your date are on the same level of formal/dressed-down. If your outfit doesn’t have pockets, make sure to bring a bag for phone and extra makeup (always bring extra lipstick and concealer for touch-ups)! Bring an extra tie in case the first one is misplaced. Always be prepared!

Lastly, go and have fun! You’ve done all this planning ahead, it’s time to laugh, cry, and dance the night away with the newly weds!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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