Letter To My 2018 Self

Dear Caroline,

It’s crunch time. I know you always get your tasks done, but there could be some speed bumps ahead. Don’t let anyone pull you away from your passions. No one else can tell you if your ambitions are wrong. If people have something to say, ignore them.

You have one semester left of school. This semester is about enjoying yourself, learning, and having fun. Think of how well you’ve done the past three years. There were moments when things got tough with your first major, but that helped you find your passion – the environment. There were moments of betrayal, but you learned to let those people go. You made new friends and strengthened old friendships. No matter the up or down, you came out the other side a better person.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself this year. 2018 is about loving others, yourself, and the world around you. It’s okay say no sometimes (please remember that). Take time to be with yourself, but also spend quality time with friends. Don’t compare yourself to people on social media. Keep your New Years resolution in the front of your mind. There will be some hard weeks of classes, but they’ll pass. Some friends might let you down, but people make mistakes, just like you. Don’t hold onto hard feelings – it isn’t worth the effort.

You will crush this year. Learn from last year’s mistakes and use them to your advantage.

Enjoy every minute you have left of college. Work hard towards an internship or job opportunity. Continue your journal entries. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Take more walks. Meditate more. Blog more. Call your family often. Take lots of photos. Explore new places. Don’t hold back. Everything should fall into place.  You know you can do it.

Read this letter throughout the New Year to remind yourself of how determined you were at the beginning of January to kick 2018’s butt.

Have a great year.

Stay rad,

Caroline Abigail

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Just a 22-year-old sharing her thoughts and feelings towards life, school, love, and positivity!

7 thoughts on “Letter To My 2018 Self

  1. Your words of wisdom can apply to anyone, no matter their age or stage in life. You clearly know yourself and your passions and are focused to accomplish whatever you wish in life.

    And, yes, enjoy this last semester of college, before you step into the adult world of more responsibilities and bills and, well, all that comes with establishing a career and truly being out on your own.


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